I’m back….

Okay so I took a break from blogging right after I started because LIFE started happening and I wasn’t comfortable sharing with the masses the magnitude of the stuff I was dealing with on the daily.

So right before 2018, I did a tell all post on Facebook! It was very liberating for me because it gave me the opportunity to tell everybody who didn’t know at one time.  Now that it is behind me, I honestly feel like I can share the nuggets that  I learned along the way.

2017 was GROWTH for me.  I learned to let go! There is so much power in letting go. Let go of what others think… let go of trying to please others.. let go of the DRAMA and DRAMA filled people in your life… let go of the past… let go of things you haven’t gotten over.. Stop waiting on apologies that you will not get…. let go foreal… let go of the friendships/relationships/ties that are hindering your growth…. let go of what society has defined as normal or success for you… JUST LET IT ALL GO!  If it is meant, it will come back in the best form.

So as I kick off 2018… I will share details of the growth of 2017. One thing for sure is I learned to take the BITTER with the SWEET. It makes life TASTY!!

My Work Moms and Bananna Pudding

I am so blessed to have so many women in my life. They share life experiences and they love on me so hard.

I’ve been blessed to have two work moms! I talk to them outside of work but work is how our relationship was formed. Well one of my work moms actually knew my mom, I had no clue!!!!!!!!! She withheld the information from me for months. This same work mom DID NOT LIKE ME AT ALL when I first started my job. She thought I was a spoiled brat and all the advice she had given me, I didn’t take any of it. She put me in this bubble of “she couldn’t tell me anything”. She actually told me SHE DIDN’T LIKE ME. (Her nerve! I didn’t believe her anyway!)

My other work mom however was the glue to that relationship, she could see similarities in us. She has always been constant, from my first day until this day. I have gotten the same hugs, smiles, and treatment from her.  For the sake of this post we will name my work moms, Love and Strength, that is what they represent in my life.  Love is the work mom who didn’t like me. Strength is the work mom who loved me at first sight!

Over the past year, Love and Strength have watched me grow professionally, personally, emotionally and spiritually. Some of toughest decisions I have made, they have been right there. Some of my greatest accomplishments, they have been right there. Love being the calm storm and nurturing me and Strength being ready to set it off about anything dealing with me. She has been very constant. When I need to be nurtured, I call Love. When I need to get told off, I call Strength.

Tonight we had dinner. Love made dinner and it was a surprise! As many of you know, I haven’t eaten meat in months but I will eat seafood. Love made a salad bar, boiled shrimp, steam garlic crab legs and my favorite banana pudding.  I fully get to take credit for this meal because she had to cook something that I could eat and everybody knows that meal was for me. Love loves me! We ate, joked, talked and sat with her mom. Love is really simple, she loves people in genuine ways and in her actions and deeds you know how she really feels about you. Tonight, the banana pudding solidified that Love is who my heart has identified her to be in my life. From her banana pudding I learned a lot.

The pan of banana pudding had half the pan with bananas and the other half without bananas. She made what she knew we preferred. She remembered our preferences. She was thoughtful in her deed. She made all of us who were partaking in the banana pudding to feel special. Some parts of it had more cookies than other parts. She literally made that banana pudding with love. Everything she does comes from a place of love. The banana pudding that she allowed me to eat out of a solo red cup tonight was out of love because she preferred I ate it in a bowl. It was just what I needed to learn a lesson about Love and Strength.

Love goes the extra mile, it may not always present itself in ways that you can easily acknowledge but look around for those sweet nuggets. She will always make sure you know you are special to her. The complex pan of banana pudding tonight was a perfect example.

Strength is constant. Strength pushes me everyday. Strength is brutally honest. Strength gives me reality check and loves the little girl in me.

Love and Strength have become two of the most important ingredients in my banana pudding of life.

My nuggets for this post – find those people who allow you to draw off of their strength and share their love with you!







The boys took me to the fair….

I absolutely love the fair and the boys know that I love the fair! So tonight they took me to the fair. Well 2 of the 3 boys took me to the fair.. (Jeramey has to have his own night because he is special.)

Needless to say, I learned a lot about the boys from this experience. The boys love me! Not that I doubted it.. at all… but see girls.. we love different. We say it, we text it, we scream it.. we post it (like I am doing now).. the boys they let me know in  different ways. They remember the smallest details about the things that make me happy like me going to the fair. They give me hugs, say dumb jokes and throw out compliments about the 38 pound weight lost.. AYEEE. They randomly show up at my job. They text me and tell me I am doing a great job and somehow when I need them the most, all 3 of the show up and brighten my world! Sometimes I take them for granted because THEY NEVER DO THINGS THE WAY I WANT THEM TO DO THEM! But they make me tough, they remind me of my strengths and abilities, they share the guy code with me and they make me laugh. WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL ASK FOR RIGHT?

From my relationships with them individually and collectively, I have learned a few things….

  1. Surround yourself with people who are different from you! All 4 of us are completely different… from religious beliefs to preferred restaurants… We only agree on Ruby Tuesday because it is the only thing in Moss Point.
  2. Be willing to grow with your friends… 5 years ago, all of our lives were completely different. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!
  3. Trust your friends with your dreams…. It is amazing the things that we have accomplished over the past few years. It all started from a conversation in the Rankins’ living room.
  4. Real love is unconditional. Believe it or not we have been through some stuff. We have had disagreements, fall outs, fights, weeks without talking but the love never changed. It is pretty unconditional.

We are not together as often as we once were but the miles nor the distance change the fact that when I see their faces or their names pop up on my phone, I instantly feel loved. It is amazing to have the boys!  I am so glad they decided to take me to the fair. It was just what I needed to get over the hump! 🙂


Nate taught me some things…

On Saturday, I had my mind made up about how I was going to ride the storm out. I fulfilled my morning obligations. I went to the store and purchased all the things that I could enjoy during the storm. I bought some boiled peanuts, cinnamon rolls, a fresh bag of salad mix, life saver gummies, water,  wine AND SOME PEACH DAIQUIRI MIX from Winn Dixie. All the other things I purchased from Walmart. That daiquiri mix though, I went to Winn Dixie. I had to put that in there because I went out the way to get that mix so I could chill. I also went to Bozos to get some steam shrimp and salmon.

Majority of the morning, I spent with Bridgette. She kept asking me what I was doing for the storm.

Bridgette: “You can come to Slidell with me and Caleb!”

Me: “I am good! I kind of want to just chill and be myself.”

Bridgette: “You can just close yourself up in Lexi room.”

(She was being pretty creative the entire conversation on how she was going to get me to come and stay!)

Me: “I am good. I know how I am going to spend this storm, I have it all mapped out.”

Bridgette left it there… However then Sissy sends me a text message that said.


Followed by a family video with my grandma saying ” THIS IS GRANDMA EVELYN YOU NEED TO HURRY UP AND GET HERE”!

So what do I do… I pack me and my snacks up… wine and daiquiri mix included. I also packed my blender because I wasn’t sure if there was a blender there but I WASN’T ABOUT TO RISK IT! They thought it was hilarious but I was determined to do what I planned on doing.

So last night, I peeled shrimp for my grandma. Entertained my family with laughs and jokes, put them on all my ratchet shows and baked cinnamon rolls.

I slept like a baby.. even when the power went out … everyone in that house was at peace.

I am grateful for the experience but from Nate, I learned a few things.

  1. Some storms in life you have to go through alone, however the ones you don’t have to go through alone.. DON’T! Nate wasn’t that bad in my opinion. Maybe it was  because of how I spent it and who I endured the storm with on yesterday.  Some storms, be it life storms or natural disasters, I won’t wait them out alone.
  2. Don’t let anything or anyone interrupt your peace. I was slightly disappointed in the fact that I was forced to leave my comfort zone to be surrounded by my folks. Not because I don’t love them or like spending time with them, it was solely because I wanted some alone time and peace. So I packed my peace up with me. LOL and they totally respected it. Ironically, they understood, however I was interrupting their peace by “wanting to be alone during a natural disaster”. (THEY MADE THAT CLEAR!)
  3. From Nate, I learn to listen. As the storm was approaching landfall, the winds were whistling. I could hear it clear as day. As the winds whistled and the rain fell, I listened. I learn the art of listening – which in my personal opinion – you listen to seek understanding and not to respond. It was nothing to respond to in that moment, only listening to understand what was going on outside.
  4. Lastly, Nate taught me to accept the gifts of the spirit.  Wisdom, faith, knowledge, healing, discerning spirits, miracles, prophecy, administration, help and tongues. Whether you are a Christian or practice any other religion, Nate taught you that too. We all used all of the gifts of the spirit to navigate the storm.
  5. Oh that wasn’t the last one… I learned to keep my phone charged… computer too. My phone is always about to die, I wouldn’t have made it.

If you know me, you know I am not a morning person, however this morning I was up at 7:00 am ready to get back to my domain. I never lost power at my place and I needed to get home to freeze my daiquiri. LOL Moss Point at the time still didn’t have power.

The funny part about all this is, I was such in a rush to leave and get back to my bed, I left the base to my blender and my Me Mae homemade pound cake she made me. As soon as I finish this post, I am headed BACK TO MOSS POINT TO RETRIEVE MY GOODS! The Bolden crew always looks out for me. I couldn’t ask for a better bonus crew! I am going to pick up Aunt Lola’s homemade biscuits too. (All the Bolden out of towner just got mad reading that!)

I digress….

So my experience with Nate has prepared me for many other things I will face. I learned a lot from this experience. I hope these nuggets change your perspective as much as they have changed mine.

Nate means “a gift from God”, some of us needed a reminder of the gifts. I got it!

*logs off to head back to Moss Point to retrieve my goods* 🙂





The light bulb has gone off….

So you know how you go back and forth with yourself about sharing something or not sharing something? You want to be helpful but you don’t want to share too much INFO.


However lately I have found myself sharing things with my circle that they would have never known had I not said anything. They would not have ever understood unless I told them. I feel like I am doing the people that follow me AN INJUSTICE! Whether you are following me in real life or on SOCIAL MEDIA … I have failed you and I am finally ok with admitting it! 🙂

I make this look so easy.  The smiles.. the laughs… the events.. the responsibilities.. the leadership roles.. the mentoring.. the career path… the relationships.. the life! Never saying “no”!  I make it look so easy BUT IT IS NOT!

This week, I had a conversation with my favorite aunt!

Favorite Aunt:  “Moo – some of this stuff (she said something else, but out of respect for some of my followers… but you get it!) you doing, you got to let go! You are 28, no kids, a career – you have to start taking time for yourself… YOU ARE TOO YOUNG!”  (Yeah my nickname in my family is MOO MOO.. a story for another day!)

Favorite Aunt: “Moo – do you ever slow down? Do you ever take time for yourself?”

Me: “Yeah, I am actually planning to do something over Christmas Break, for like two weeks!”

Favorite Aunt: “Moo – that isn’t quick enough nor is that enough time for you! You have to find something to do that is for you!”

I often think it is funny when people ask “do you ever slow down”? I feel like how is anything going to get done if I AM NOT DOING IT!  However hearing the tone in her voice made me realize THE ANSWER IS HELL NO to the question and I needed to slow down and find something to do just for me!

So in my process of slowing down… I am going to spend time here! Writing, reading and sharing, the three things that I have realized I love to do the most. Some of the things here, you will be able to figure out who I am referencing, some you won’t! Some of the things here will be personal. Some will be painful. Some things here will be solely for entertainment! I am creating my own space for you to totally vibe with me! Now of course, in return I hope to help another young ambitious, courageous, career oriented, beautiful, involved, talented, motivated, woke and selfless woman achieve her goals. However my first goal is to totally do something I want to do! The light bulb finally went off.

The part that makes this challenging is that it is major growth for me. I am challenging myself to be BOLD and to stand in a lot of my truths with this blog. I am exhibiting the advice I give to Lexi, Faith and Kam about being honest about their own desires and goals. I am honoring Tenesha, Stephanie and Bridgette. I am channelling the inner Jo-ISSA in this blog. LOL

I am writing because that is what I want to do! Ya’ll might enjoy but this is really for me!

I am reading, my text messages, this blog, random books and articles because I love to be informed.

I am sharing the nuggets I have gained along the way…. I am sure I can keep your hands full!

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